Exciting Things Ahead

Gisele Pinard and Matt Pidgeon enjoying their September Opening

ART WALK! Manchester's first

OCTOBER 26TH  ARGH, In collaboration with Jupiter Hall, StudioVerne Fine Art  Fused Glass, the New Hampshire Institute of Art  gallery,  InTown Manchester and other galleries and arts venues are establishing what we hope to be a ongoing series of "ArtWalks."  the first of such has been proposed for October 26th.  ArtWalks have been in place in many communities with strong cultural districts and these have proven to be festival like evenings where people can stroll the neighborhood with many venues open and welcoming all with food, music and of course great local art to see and to shop.  ARGH will have an open house that evening and help direct art lovers to other stops.  so please join us anytime from 5 to 8 that night.

DENOUMENT current show

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8TH  Another wonderful show is coming to a close.  The art of Gisele Pinard and Matt Pidgeon has blessed the walls of ARGH for weeks and if you haven't yet seen the work you should treat yourself to this great visual experience.  and if you've been here for the exhibit then you might want to come by and view your favorite pieces before they come down and decide if you'd like to take one home.  Once again the hours for this Thursday night event will be from 5 to 8.



THURSDAY NOVEMBER 15TH    Our featured artist in this show is Mark Ruddy, bringing his "appropriation" paintings for this exhibit.  His work "appropriates" images that he finds have some kind of connection with one another, whether those images are historical, art historical, commercial or personal, and then paints them into canvases that viewers will find thought and mood provoking.  We also will be displaying works by Segun Olorunfemi,  Zachary Aikens, Taylor Novia, and others.  The visual range of this show promises to be diverse.  Again, our opening will be from 5 to 8.  Please join us! 


Come to Manchester's Cultural District and seek out art with local connections as unique Holiday gifts.  ARGH will be open all day from 10am on Friday November 23rd and if all is according to plan , the SECOND ArtWalk may be on Saturday the 24th, "small business day," so come on down town.  December will have events as well, so keep up to date as we will be switching out the art again before Christmas.